Share Your Story!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new idea, Share Your Story, I will still be posting on Just A Girl With A Blog.

I wanted to create a new site for anyone to use if they don’t necessarily have somewhere to speak out about situations or daily experiences. I myself have a disability called Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, countless of times I have heard the words “It can’t be a disability because I can’t see it!”. Horrified at those words I set out in making my own blog. Not only to share my story but also to educate the people that just don’t quite understand the concept that not all disabilities are visible. I feel there is still little knowledge on discussing many issues, no matter the topic, so I want to allow people to share their stories even if it may be anonymously.

I wanted to create this platform for anyone and everyone to use to discuss any topic that they wish. I feel it’s important to share our stories and experiences in hope that it brings people comfort and understanding. The aim is to start conversations between people, people who share the same stories or can relate in any particular way.

I would really appreciate if you could share this post, spread the word! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories, don’t be afraid to speak out! It’s time to educate the world!

You can find the contact page here if you’d like to get involved. Or my email address isĀ Don’t be afraid to get in contact any experience is worth sharing.